Feb 2, 2011

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Luc Skyz – Nothing Wrong featuring Mr Drastick

Luc Skyz – Nothing Wrong featuring Mr Drastick

The story behind this song- well I went down to the studio one day to pick up some mixes from my engineer. M.r Drastick was in there doing a session with a producer.  I remember I was sitting down on the sofa talking to the producer and listening to D put down his vocals for this beat. While he was in the booth he told me to jump on the track.  I was down for it but I didn’t have any verses so I started writing there and then. Its funny cos I wrote the verse sitting on that sofa and finished it in like 15 mins and no one believed that I wrote it that fast.  I was really feeling something about the beat and I think at the best of times I work better under pressure so I rolled with it. The verse was straight up a combination of experiences from my youth to whatever struck my interest at the time of when I wrote it.  “ Me and D did it from an early age of teens, classics with jeans, Sam’s chicken indeed talking deep but we never would read a veterans seedjust this line alone I was breaking down things relevant to me. Firstly explaining that me and Drastick weren’t some rap affiliates, we actually have been friends since we were 15, from the days my bredrins all used to come to my mums yards and record on this two deck tape stereo I had with the record player at the top! Reebok Classics with jeans was just an observation of what every yout used to wear in school in the late 90s if they could afford it and Sam’s chicken was like the “ghetto diet” in N.W London and still is.

Veteran’s seed was in relation to my dad who fought in the Second World War and passed back in 06 at the age of 83.  True veteran- In the lyric I also mention a brudder that gets kicked off his ped. When I was in high school a boy we all knew in my year used to ride a moped and was known as a local badboy. He had problems with some elders in the area and one day out side school while he was riding past this tall brere fly kicked him off his ped. It left him paralysed. “Its strange days like Ralph Fiennes” that line was about a movie I had stumbled on called Strange days, starring Ralph Fiennes and Angela Basset. Its an old movie that came out in 95 but is set in a future where the city of L.A has become an unlawful haven for criminals and gangs- It’s a deep movie. It was refreshing to see a film where a black woman is the hero in the end, and not the victim.

It didn’t get good reviews from the critics at the time. I guess the message was too real but I recommend you see it.

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