Say You Will

Passed out not from the concoction Tinie took in glasses this type is triggered from concussions and I’m feeling all lethargic don’t get my words twisted I’m very dope and I’m feeling very heartless my targets perimeter has no boundaries so when the shots reign free scream sounds vary now I walk through the piles like its Darfur// are they a victim of my bar or your dark force? See I could document the past of them dark shores-from the Kings to the Queens to the castles//but I guess you’d rather listen to them arseholes shit I don’t blame you cos certain times I’d rather listen to them ask hoes// cos that CD helped me open up her pass code It got the panties droppin and let the arse roll// the powers that be wanna see my arse fold// might let me blow but try and tame me like Kennedy/ they know my weakness an ebony Monroe in a negligee waiting at the door with some Hennessey// its too late I provided the remedy alleviate the pain that we suffered for centuries// you don’t understand me so don’t mention me we aint friggin family you bredders aint kin to me// a lot of people in the game that aint ment to be/ I’m on a different plain how could you possibly send for me/ I’ll leave you six feet deep just for testing me I’m like an over confident nerd in chemistry knowing all the answers I’m beggin you to test me please see if ya test wont rest in peace I wrote this on a lunar eclipse I heard rumours I’m sick// throwing up quotables in the vocal booth slewing them kids similar to 2 in the ribs but this is soulful food don’t let them devils ever get a hold of you.

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