Hailing from North West London, rapper Luc Skyz is a versatile artist.

With passion, flair and undeniable talent. His skills receive increasing recognition and his fan base continues to grow daily. His development as a artist and human being has been taken through  various trials and tribulations. As Skyz would say, everything in life is an experience – this is what shapes him as an artist.

After listening to the likes of hip hop icons such as Wu Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, Tupac and Nas to name but a few, a twelve year old Luc Skyz first picked up a pen and a pad and attempted to write his own rap lyrics. Like any skill, it was something he had to develop, but looking back it was clear he had a special talent from the beginning, waiting to be unearthed and nurtured. At 13 years old, Luc was involved in a near tragic experience and almost lost his life after being hit by a truck. Air lifted to the hospital by helicopter, Luc would then endure the next 3 months recovering and having to learn to walk again. He recalls going back to school as being one of the hardest ordeals, but his struggles made him a stronger person, and once fully recovered, Luc picked up the pen once more and persevered with his writing.

In 2002 Luc featured on “do you think you’re special” by Nio. The pair embarked on a promotional tour up and down the country, and were given the chance to perform at t4’s first edition of pop beach, a huge out door performance in Great Yarmouth with a crowd of approximately 30 000, televised on Channel 4.

In 2004 Luc and brother Doc Brown won a nationwide competition, judged by Mega Man of So Solid and Tim Kash of MTV, to perform at the princes trust urban music festival alongside legendary artists Jay Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Cassidy etc. The encouragement and support that followed from their performance led to the single “F with Skyz” which achieved regular airplay on BBC 1Xtra / Choice FM / Kiss 100. In 2006 Luc featured on the underground banger “Injury Time” with Choong Family along side Craze 24, Mike GLC and many others. The video for “Injury Time”, like “F with Skyz,” received heavy rotation on Channel U (aka).

Luc went on to release two further singles, “Raise Up” and “What’s The Meaning”, both tracks were added to BBC 1Xtra’s a list, and the accompanying videos were shown on MTV Base.

Luc Skyz has left a long lasting impression on his listeners but what must be realised is this for him and the faithful listener is only the beginning – what is to come is some amazing music to follow tand a unqiue life story so far for you to hear and enjoy and reflect.

When I asked about how he puts his words together in his music, he told me;
“When you try to make a heavy track it rarely works. I know because I’ve tried. What I personally have to do is relax and let my inner thoughts pour out the energy that u hear at the end process. Thousands of MC’s can string words together in a clever rhyming pattern and make it sound real cool but what are they actually saying in their lyrics – are they of any substance or are they just talking nonsense and making it sound good. You don’t have to have a definitive message in your lyrics but I can tell in a second if the artist’s true self has had any life experience – regardless of the subject -I like to hear artists’ different experiences no matter what they are. This is what keeps the listener captivated.”

Luc’s most recent release was the mix tape “No Hype No Bullshit”. Luc Skyz is now recording a range of different sounds to complement his versatility as an artist and his working on his project entitled “Destiny” and a short film called HIS’Story.

What can we expect from Luc Skyz latest work?
“Expect honesty, expect bravado, expect pain, pleasure, social commentary, fun, passion and lyricism unmatched”.

Listen to the music and let it take you on a journey.