Streets paved with a gloss of dirt//fruit stands past 12 hearin drunken slurs//rich man parks merc purchase pack of 12 he’s a gazelle and these wolves in ah pack of 12// strippin him down holds a grudge towards black males. Thats ah shame for Dwayne that’s his top salesman// givin him hell till he quits.  Mothers not well he was payin all the bills still the clock counts and the stress mounts. Misunderstood characters join the followers// so the unique are few and far between very small like borrowers// I paint collages from the mezzanine Goth types with the pins in their blemished cheeks 13 scroll the net for identities C.V’s blank B how you getting P’s? 2 bashers, ah mazda a couple keys. ACs new cards names Mr Reeves barber shops getting heated over dice games weed and cherry Bs. Road man that give ah shit about MC’s// Road man with no skills tryna MC/MCs talking breeze like their real G’s// chattin war but the wars in the middle east/ child soldiers the blood of the Congolese on the hands of these corporate companies.


Streets paved with a gloss of dirt/ school kids mob the shop for starburst and panda pops they got the boss bezerk office clerks gotta work I gotta rhyme I gotta verb I gotta noun while shottas lurk with a lotta work they up and down like stocks, shares op gears Clarkson par with top breres I’m just tryna fulfil my dreams and Im not scared I’m lochness in industry parties you cant find me because I’m not there the same bate faces evade places nothing compares there’s no contest to what my song says if my blood shed my hearts so big I’d turn the city blood red and stain ya 1.10’s soon as the sun sets the thugs get gully just one hit to get money!

Luc Skyz – Time (lyrics – hand-written) (part 1)

Luc Skyz – Time (lyrics – hand-written) (part 2)

Luc Skyz – Time (lyrics – hand-written) (part 3)