Fool U

My life’s like a movie foreal with a villain and a heroin a hero Deniro with melanin who oozes appeal// dress like a gentlemen and move like ah jail nigga stressed they denied my appeal now I’m banging up mans in the yard no I’m banging up mans with the bars// What you thought I’m hangin up gloves? Cuz you’re an arrogant fuck no label can navigate us/lil’ to marinade on I’m defying all laws of gravitation I don’t give ah damn what channel they on or what manor they from cos the planet they on/ aint the same as my system or solar// so you bredders aint fit to show up or blow up and spit shinola// I don’t spit I throw up cuz you know what

Chorus x2

Allota man just jumped on board for the cruise// their a dime a dozen// but I’m here for the long run /so when I run- move hide or something

I ride with something//now I could just mean mind weaponry when I slice every beat like fine celery ya boys telling me I should make mans forfeit…and girls telling me that I grind heavenly and her rooms hot as hell from the sweat it’s absorbing the beat box plays my melody in a fortress of infidelity while she stuck on my deep cock//Long over due like Detox don’t why they strung over you or your weak flock of birds migrate to a next place be gone// I break bread with the fam and provide plates that we can eat on//Paparazzi snap me in a back seat flash go the Nikon/ another black heat claps at a peanuts head on a D-Block right by the sweet shop

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