Phone Tap

Push ups till my arms give way stay cut up/body shakin, I’m a hero in the making late night pacing till I crash out I’m on a different plain lucid dreams. Elevation with the enemy//shock tactic// my outer body falls back in my physical cold sweats hands on my chest I reach out hands on her breast yes the chick I linked prior with the big bumper just how I like em// she out cold like she downed henny but I knocked the pussy out like Jack Dempsey she smiles while she sleeps. There’s no emotions I need her out by the sunrise, hungry take a cookie keep you cool till its lunchtime writing rhymes while she leaves my mind on my P’s cement structure like we are the streets the skeng bucks ya// you can get touched in North Weezy Brent borough I came up with the hustlers and G’s back in my teens. Exposed to different culture/ my mother raised me well though some nights were the coldest my mother gave me hell. Ya Asantewaa// Rastas spoke about the liberation of Africa my moms tooks me there in the early 90’s that’s what shapes me as a man you cretins could never fight me with a razor point blank range em point shank black boydem taser  in ya hands I’m amazing I pause confrontations and change situations like Hiro Nakamura and got bars for days clocked the foul style of your aura saw all your bars were lame swung in like Tarzan saving Jane but I came to save the game and make the whole world say my name.

Luc Skyz – Phone Tap (lyrics – hand-written) (part 1)

Luc Skyz – Phone Tap (lyrics – hand-written) (part 2)