I delegate a segment of my brain to solving riddles to my dismay I find more knots entangled and I cant dismantle/ the nuts and crannies of this cycle so Im idle at times I see the signs but I don’t read em’ as I wiz by a one way system on the brink of existence and this aint livin is prison a conscious decision ? Reclusive three way convos with my alter egos/ Mr Talent/meet balance, meet illegal or meet the parents to understand my social make up or be a hater and see how far that it takes ya the wind blows death commeth banks plummet destitute hustlers were high rollers on their last hundred/ The walk of shame for the JSA dutty glares from brudders you used to laugh at/pass by in the cars that the stars have/he’s still broke but you aint even half that/ pass that puff puff give/ the chalice got you fucked up quick/ this is tuff love for the tuff luck kids/ I see the eyes of an 8 year old little man older brother skips academy so he can measure grams kids ah don at whatever he puts his mind at- Sports, Mathematics but the schools don’t nurture the talent so he follows fashion singin hymns for hours about the poor bein rewarded  in a crystal palace I don’t buy it and I don’t kiss arse to go to heaven that’s inconsequential just do things genuine/ I aint a prophet aint a peasant aint a messenger but I got a message can I message ya? Lesson 1- Know thy self ya consciousness is everything if ya married to the roads cuz where’s ya wedding ring I’m elegant with everything I spit I cellophane the mouths of heavens while I demonstrate ah hit I’ve been around breathin’ 27 years look cuzzy I’m missin/that’s how I write bars with the sickest precision/ but I can’t help thinking my luck is runnin’ thinner// then the most anorexic competition winner I sip ah liquor because the pain is off the rictor jigga / Its like my worst enemy could be my biggest victor, If I get it together like India/ but everyting aint Irie until my soul leaves where we are…

Luc Skyz – Reflexions (lyrics – hand-written) (part 1)

Luc Skyz – Reflexions (lyrics – hand-written) (part 2)