One of the most impatient I know because you never wait, yet I have the power to achieve so much with you constantly by my side. You forgive when I choose to abuse you and use you for pointless things that don’t better me and I know you care because you give me another chance every single day. Another chance to make things right between us. You can also be very cruel. Your selfishness comes out towards the end of all your relationships, from what I’ve seen and heard. You remain fun loving, and fast paced as always but I just cant keep up with you like I used to and the strain begins to show on my face. I feel as if you’ve change but in reality it’s just how I perceive you. Why is it you seem to hate seeing me smile and when I’m having fun you   don’t like to stick around, but when I’m down you faithfully wait and prefer to draw things out… In my darkest moments I wish you wouldn’t hang around, I’d prefer you to stop and leave me alone. But my fighting spirit allows me to carry on. The longer I’m with you the more I learn about myself, and what makes you tick, considering I use you wisely,

I guess either way I use you even if its for my own personal gain, so I really can’t complain when  you eventually come to your senses and bring me heartache and pain. Though I will never resent you, for without you none of this would have been possible. Perhaps its me that’s changed, physically and emotionally, whereas you are still as vibrant and beautiful as the day we first met. One day I will feel our relationship coming to an end, as you will be sure to show me the signs. Ironically though to my disbelief, you stick by my side until the very end, and I hope that you blow me a kiss as you leave me in peace.