Mar 8, 2011

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This is a video that I co-directed with my partner in crime Bivas Ambasada. I wanted 2 tell a real life love story. Its about a girl I had a crush on when I was younger but she belonged to someone else. The video is all shot around the areas I grew up in and we actually went back to my old college 2 shoot the college scenes- its changed alot 2 when I was there..I guess alot of shits changed. For the video we had 2 get a younger lookin Luc Skyz lemme know what u think. Big Up Nick for participatin in playing me lol The jacket hes wearing with my name on it is a jacket I used to wear every friggin day when I attended the college of N.W London. Anyone that knows me well remembers that baby blue jacket- that shits got sentimental value. Also big up my boy Sedgli Slim- he played the gully boyfriend of the girl. last but not least shout outs to the beautiful Emma Williams for playin the love interest- Nick I kno u had fun on set! enjoy people!

  1. There has GOT to be a follow-up video! Did chick’s boyfriend suspect she was creeping and beat her up after Young Skyz left? Will Young Skyz try to defend her honor? Do the two young lovers end up together in the end? Keep it coming!

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